NRI's HBIPS Services address the fundamentals of accurate and timely data, and the integration of the measures into quality initiatives

What are HBIPS Core Measures?

The Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) Core Measures are standardized, uniform measures for inpatient psychiatric care.

What the HBIPS Requirement Means to You:

  • Failure to Report HBIPS Core Measures means a 2% reduction in federal reimbursement rate updates for the facilities paid under CMS's Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities' Prospective Payment System(IPF PPS). CMS reporting begins with October 1, 2012 data.

    NRI Can Help:

    • NRI was a key member in the development of the HBIPS core measures.
    • We have more than two decades of experience providing on- and off-site technical assistance to behavioral healthcare facilities. Our experience is unparalleled.
    • Our HBIPS resources are designed to meet the needs of all staff at your facility.
    • NRI offers a full performance measurement system that meets all of the reporting requirements for inpatient psychiatric care for CMS and The Joint Commission.
    • NRI's expertise spans all aspects of the HBIPS core measure set: form compliance, data flow processes, measure calculation, data validation, staff education, and quality improvement.
    • Consultation on performance measures is designed to supplement, not replace, other vendor services.